August 9, 2022

11 Essential Tips For Improving Your Website Design

Here are some tips and tricks to remember when setting up your website.

11 Essential Tips For Improving Your Website Design

Our Top 7 Tips to Improve Your Website Design

The truth is that it is never easy to create a design for your website. In fact, it is difficult to create a design that will instantly attract your viewers in the first five seconds. With today’s rapidly changing technological trends, it is hard to catch up with all of these without resulting in an outdated website design.

Furthermore, if you think that you have already established a good website design, look at your conversion rates. Does your website appear in the top search engine results pages (SERPs)? Can you say that your users can easily navigate your website?

These are the questions you should ask yourself if you find yourself doubting the efficiency of your website content. Because in reality, your content may not have anything to do with your very low bounce rates. In fact, it may be your design!

Here are some tips and tricks to remember when setting up your website:


In whatever action you do for your website or your business, you should always plan it ahead to ensure that everything is in order. When planning for a website, you have to look at the pages you need to create, the elements that will appear in these pages, and the user-friendliness of your website’s interface.

Eliminate Complexity

Remember, you have about five seconds or so to truly capture the attention of your viewers. Before they leave your website, your website should have already presented its products and services in the least complex way. Remove complicated animations or pop-ups that do not serve any function.

Social Media Buttons

The internet is a vast space where information is stored and retrieved. As a result, people like to share ideas across the different social media platforms. Your website should have this element – social media buttons. The good thing about this is that it will aid in increasing your website traffic.

CTA Buttons

Call-to-action or CTA buttons are crucial if you want to increase your conversion rate. Providing relevant content just won’t cut it anymore. You need to make the act of purchasing your product or services readily available to your audience. Some of the best CTA buttons include “Check Out This Offer,” “Get 50% Off,” Buy Now For A Limited Time Only.”

Be Visual

Always keep in mind that there is an increase in mobile usage; therefore, your website should not only be mobile-friendly, but the content should also adhere to a person who is always on the go. With today’s technological advancement, people’s attention spans are shortening. Be sure to capture their attention through visual images. These images should adhere to whatever message your website is trying to communicate.


With just a limited time to present everything to your viewer, you have to have good navigation features for your website. A disorganized website is a confusing one. Be sure that your website has a responsive design, navigation hierarchy, and streamlined content.

Longer Homepages

There is nothing wrong about letting your viewers scroll through your homepage. You can include 3 to 5 sections that are cohesive and organized so as to present your ideas and offers clearly. You can include some of these essentials on your homepage – About Us, Testimonials, Resources, Introduction Video, Overview of Services, and Value Proposition.

A website is a platform that you can use to reach a wider audience. If you are successful at converting these viewers into customers, you can expand your customer base.

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