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Build Trust: Managing Your Facility’s Reputation

A great reputation is essential to the success of any organization. So what actually is a reputation? It’s a set of held beliefs about who you are as a company and what you do, and it can determine whether or not someone decides to become your client. Fortunately, beliefs are often based on projection and are malleable with a skillfully crafted reputation management strategy. Here are six areas to take a good look at to make sure you’re positioning your healthcare facility to keep your current clients and attract new ones.

Assess the Quality and Professionalism of Your Website

You can think of your website as your digital storefront. It is often the first thing that a potential client will see, even before they see your physical facility. And, it’s your first—and maybe only—chance to make a great impression. And, what makes a great first impression? The design. In fact, in a recent study 94% of people surveyed said that bad web design made them mistrust a website. Take a look at your website today and see if the web design might be lacking, and, if necessary, hire a professional to do an overhaul.

Commit to Content Quality

The quality of content that you put out on behalf of your healthcare business is paramount to your reputation management. Poorly researched content and errors in grammar or spelling are a recipe for diminished trust. If your staff can’t pull it together to write a quality email or blog post, how does the client know that they can pull it together when their health is in your hands? Producing content for your website, social media accounts, and email communications should be handled with as much planning and professionalism as the physical care that you provide to your patients.

Ask for Testimonials

Testimonials are an extremely valuable tool for building trust before a client steps foot in your facility. Before selecting a healthcare provider, most individuals will do their research. Strong, positive testimonials on your website or somewhere else on the web will help the paint a picture about the quality of work that you and your staff do and what a client might expect to happen during a visit. And, a clear expectation creates a sense of safety and trust that attracts new clients.

Pay Attention to Your Online Reviews

Research shows that 91% of people check online reviews and 84% of those folks trust reviews as much as they trust recommendations from their own friends. Managing online reviews are an essential part of reputation management. While we can’t force our clients to leave online reviews or control the feedback that they post, there are some concrete steps that can be taken to encourage a positive online review profile. The first step is to make sure that your patients and clients are having a stellar experience at your establishment. You can do this by asking patients to complete a survey after services are rendered. If the survey is positive, you might ask them to consider leaving you a positive review online. If the survey feedback exposes some flaws or areas for improvement, that’s an excellent opportunity to improve your services and create circumstances that do earn five-star reviews.

Make Sure You’re Listed

This day in the digital age, a lack of online presence can induce skepticism. You might be doing amazing work at your healthcare facility, but if you don’t show up in very many search engine results, no one knows about it. And, they might even wonder why no one is talking about your business online. Remedy this by making sure that your business shows up in all relevant listings when searched in places like Yelp, Google and Yahoo.

Have A Video Made

A great, brief video is an excellent way to showcase your organization and build trust with potential clients. When we watch a well-done video, we can picture ourselves in a facility and imagine what our experience might be like. This creates a sense of comfort by soothing our innate fear of the unknown. The keyword here though is “quality.” If the video is poorly done, it could backfire and cause the potential client to imagine a negative experience—and choose a different healthcare facility.

This list should provide a great start for your new reputation management plan! But, it should be mentioned that this is not a one-time project. Maintaining a strong, positive reputation for your healthcare facility will be an ongoing process that will be well worth the pay off—a steady stream of clients through your facility doors.


Are you interested in improving your online search reputation or implementing some of the techniques described in the article above?

Riviera 4 Media specializes in healthcare marketing for both individuals  and large scale facilities. Our services include web design and development, search engine optimization, reputation management and digital marketing strategy.  We offer affordable packages for individual mental health care practitioners and therapists!

Feel free to contact us below if you have any questions!

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