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Top 5 Things Most People Get Wrong About SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving. What worked yesterday might not work at all today. No one is truly an expert, as there is always something new to learn. But the basic SEO fundamentals are pretty much the same as always. In spite of its longevity, there are some things most people still get wrong about SEO. Here are five common misconceptions concerning search engine optimization.

1. It’s One Big Gimmick

Some SEO providers make SEO sound like a magic trick. It’s nothing more than a bunch of gimmicks that get your website ranked in Google. Some people now believe that black-hat gimmicks are the norm. But white-hat optimization isn’t about deceiving Google or anyone else. The goal of white-hat SEO is to learn what type of content and features matter most to search engines and users. When that information is put to use, the result is often organic website improvement.

2. Keywords Are More Important Than Anything.

It’s true, keywords are important. But they’re only one part of a successful SEO strategy. You want to rank for your chosen keywords, but that’s not all that matters. It’s no longer possible to receive good results with keyword stuffing. And if you do, then it won’t last long. Instead, focus on a well-rounded strategy that incorporates keywords, and other tactics such as link building and technical optimization.

3. SEO is Cheap.

Some people tend to think that SEO should cost practically nothing. It’s usually advertised as an inexpensive and cost-effective way to increase website traffic. All of that is true. But inexpensive and cost-effective doesn’t mean cheap or free. What happens is that business owners often look for the least expensive SEO provider they can find. But extremely low rates could indicate an amateur service that produces little to no results. It’s worth it to increase your SEO budget and find a reliable provider.

4. SEO, So Easy Anyone Can Do It.

Some people devalue the time and knowledge it takes to implement SEO strategies. They think anyone can do it, even without an ounce of training. It’s true that SEO isn’t rocket science. You don’t need a college degree or technical training. But you do have to learn several concepts, variables, and strategic methods to get the job done. Then you need to stay updated on changes in the industry. It’s a bit much for ‘just anyone' to handle.

5. SEO is All The Same.

There’s a misconception that there’s one strategy that works in every situation. And that an SEO provider can magically produce the same results for every client. But that’s not how SEO works. A strategy that’s good for one client might not work for another. A good provider knows how to execute strategies and methods that are right for each particular client.

There’s so much to learn about SEO. Now that you’re aware of the misconceptions, you’ll know the truth whenever the subject arises.

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