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Top 7 Tips for Web Designs That Drive Sales

Every online entrepreneur wants a website that encourages visitors to take the next step which involves either buying a product or contacting the support center. Converting the traffic that visits your website to customers is an essential aspect that every online seller should understand. Website design plays a critical role in ensuring that your e-commerce platform records increased sales. The following are some of the top tips that you can use to drive sales in your e-commerce platform.


No person is willing to spend much time struggling to navigate your website so that they can buy your products. You should ensure that your platform is user-friendly such that people find what they want within several seconds of opening the website. If a visitor comes to your platform and finds out that they are struggling to get what they want, they will bounce to other competitor platforms that are easy to use.

Legitimate Trust Symbols

The success of the online business has much to do with whether customers trust you or not. It is upon you to make them trust you and have a feeling that you will deliver quality products and services according to their specifications. You can do this by using trust symbols. For example, you can get a badge from Yelp or from another review site which will demonstrate your legitimacy. Moreover, most of the customers might be using PayPal for the services and products they acquire from you. Therefore, having a PayPal badge displayed on your website which will ultimately increase your sales.

Use Videos

In as much as the optimized content remains to be the king of online marketing and SEO ranking, having a video to explain your products and services breaks the monotonous of having descriptive content about your products and services. You can develop small videos, with clear images of your products and customers talking about how they have been impressed by your services. This will increase sales in your platform. More so, people are lazy and don’t like reading block content. Many of them want to see and hear what others say about you and your products or services.

The Color of Your Website

The background color of your platform plays a critical role in determining the number of sales in your platform. Companies such as Performable and Ript Apparel changed the color of their Call-to-Action buttons, and they recorded a significant increase in sales. You have to determine the preferred color of your audience. For example, men prefer dull and hidden colors while women prefer brighter colors such as green, purple, red, and yellow. You should avoid using the least preferred colors such as brown or orange.

Optimize for Mobile

According to the recently published findings, mobile phone purchases accounted for about 34% of all the products sold through the online platforms in 2017. The figure is expected to increase with time as people owning smartphones increase. To capture the increasing mobile users, you should ensure that you optimize your website design such that mobile users can access it. You should develop a mobile version that is light and easy to access such that the entire webpage fits on a mobile screen or the device being used.

Increase White Space

Many business persons have a perception that a website that has much information and images is the best. This is not true as customers don’t like to be cramped with unnecessary information and stock images. You should make your website as organized as possible so that you can prevent scaring your customers. You should ensure that your site has enough white space so that your visitors can see whatever they want from the website without struggling. You should ensure that your website has minimalistic design and has lots of white space so that your visitors can have areas to take a break.

Have a Responsive Virtual Chat

Nowadays, customers want to be treated with much respect and valued by the companies where they buy their products. Therefore, they demand an immediate response to their queries. It is your responsibility to ensure that your website design has a virtual chat option where customers can message to you, and you respond immediately. If you add such options to your web design, customers will have a feeling that you value them and they are important to you which makes them return for more products.

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