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Why Transparency Matters When Marketing In Healthcare

When you're responsible for the marketing and advertising of your organization, you spend a great deal of your time focused on keywords, meta descriptions, and other SEO-related concepts. Even though it's difficult to measure the effect these SEO tactics have on your marketing campaign, ignoring them altogether can have a disastrous effect. However, marketing professionals in the healthcare community are finding that transparency and honesty can do more than SEO in some cases.

Reviews Make Every Business Transparent

The hard truth is that every business is transparent to a certain degree, whether, or not, that's a conscious decision. The internet makes it hard to hide a bad reputation, now that customers can leave reviews of their experiences. There are dozens of sites that allow users to leave customer reviews for specific businesses and the public does read them. In fact, surveys have found that the majority of people check reviews before they utilize any new business. What does this mean for healthcare marketing? It means embracing a philosophy of transparency and accepting that every client's experience matters can put you ahead of the game.

Clients are More Informed

You're likely to lose clients, if they feel you're not sharing all of the information they need to make informed decisions. The internet has helped people learn much more about healthy living, the treatment of diseases, and the facts about medication. When faced with the onset of a new illness, the average person will turn to search engines, such as Google, to verify what their doctor has told them. In most cases, they'll take that research several steps further, reading every scrap of information they can find about the illness, including causes, symptoms, and the latest treatments. For healthcare marketing, developing campaigns that promote the openness and honesty of its caregivers, or the easily accessible information it shares with clients, will go a long way toward making positive impressions.

Transparency Will Market Your Organization for You

Over time, a dedication to transparency will provide a surprising ROI in that it can be the motivating factor in attracting new clients. As those clients share their positive experiences, through reviews and word of mouth testimonials, more people will seek out the services of the organization. This will essentially create a snowball effect with each new client, drawing in groups of more potential customers. When each individual receives quality services and feels valued as a customer, the organization's transparency may do more for them than the highest SEO rankings.

Other Organizations are Already Embracing Transparency as a Marketing Philosophy

Even if your organization is limiting how much it puts out there and isn't keen on the transparency the internet provides, your competitors probably aren't so reluctant. Marketing experts representing businesses in every sector are fully aware that the public demands more transparency and will distance themselves from businesses that won't provide it. In healthcare, that means losing clients to competitors, who are willing to embrace this new demand for honest and open communication. The more transparent an organization seems, the more likely that it will appeal to consumers.

How Does Your Organization Become More Transparent?

You don't have to rely on customer reviews on third-party sites to boost your organization's transparency. How your organization presents itself with its own online presence can make a significant difference and there are many ways to do that. One good suggestion is to feature customer reviews right on your website, posting them prominently on your site's most visited pages. These can complement links to resources and information about services that give site visitors a comprehensive understanding of your organization and the services it offers.

Alternatively, your social media presence will also play a significant role in helping you boost your organization's transparency. How your page on Facebook, or your Twitter account, relates to other users will determine the reputation you garner. Taking the time to respond to comments and complaints will show other users that you value input and quality customer service.

Establishing a high degree of transparency may seem disconcerting at first, but, over time, you will see the benefits it provides. Marketing campaigns that embrace a spirit of openness in this regard will earn the respect of online users, which directly translates to customer growth. Promoting transparency can be your most powerful marketing tool.

Are you interested in improving your online search reputation or implementing some of the techniques described in the article above?

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